NEFL Fixtures * For match schedule in Shield competitions unless stated 90 min’s only.


THURSDAY 17 JUNE, 7.45. unless stated.

Kilmessan Shield:

Albion v Torro, A McNamara;

Johnstown v OMP, MDL, D Carolan;

Kentstown v Virginia, S Kidd;

Quay Celtic v Newtown, C Halligan;

Trim Celtic v Athboy, Conor Byrne.

O’Neill Shield:

Ardee Cel 2nds v Square 2nds, T Little;

Bohermeen v Parkvilla 2nds, D Brady Park, B Cruise;

Drogheda Town v Walshestown 1sts, J Crawley;

Trim Cel 3rds v Athboy Cel 2nds, MDL, Nial Byrne.


FRIDAY 18 JUNE, 7.45 unless stated

Kilmessan Shield:

Ardee Celtic v Rock Celtic, B Murphy;

Bellurgan v Bay FC, Paul Rooney;

Carrick v Glenmuir, Stephen Rooney;

Donacarney v Chord Celtic, P Henry;

Duleek v Parkvilla, K O’Brien;

Kells Celtic v Abbey Celtic, Grange, A O’Hanlon;

Oldcastle v Sporting BJD, D Murtagh;

Square v Muirhevna Mor, P Burns;

Kingscourt v Bailieboro, Kingscourt Astro, 8.0, P McGeown.

O’Neill Shield:

Albion 2nds v Lourdes Celtic, Wayne Doyle;

Kilmessan v Castle Villa, MDL, D Gavagan;

Park Cel Summerhill v Enfield, K Ennis;

Robinstown 1sts v Chord Cel 2nds, J Sheerin;

Slane v Torro 2nds, Brendan Doyle;

Termonfeckin v Rossin, N Scott.


SATURDAY 19 JUNE, 3.0 unless stated

O’Neill Shield:

Bailieboro 2nds v Oldcastle 2nds, D Ryan;

Carrick 2nds v Albion 3rds, R Martin;

Donacarney 2nds v Termonfeckin 2nds, P Burns;

Kentstown 2nds v Newtown 2nds, P Lynch;

OMP 2nds v Johnstown 2nds, Conor Byrne;

Robinstown 2nds v Electro, Liam Byrne;

Trim Celtic 2nds v Navan Town Cosmos, D Gaff;

Virginia 2nds v BJD Celtic, M Gallagher;

Walshestown 2nds v Glenmuir 2nds, P White;

Fordrew v Kells Cel 2nds, 5.0, J Regan.

SUNDAY 20 JUNE, 2.30

Women’s Division South:

Torro v Skryne-Tara, P Lynch.


MONDAY 21 JUNE, 7.30 unless stated

Women’s Division South:

Trim Celtic v Balrath, Conor Byrne;

Rossin v Kentstown, D Gaff.

Women’s Division North:

Quay Celtic v Albion, C Halligan;

Cootehill Harps v Kingscourt, P McGeown;

Drogheda Town v Bellurgan, D Carolan.


TUESDAY 22 JUNE, 8.0. unless stated.

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 3A:

Abbey Celtic v Fordrew, Mell, P Henry;

BJD Celtic v Bohermeen, Castlerahan, Paul Rooney;

Lourdes Celtic v Rossin Rovers, Albion, M Conway;

Navan Town Cosmos v Enfield Cel, MDL, Nial Byrne;

Sporting BJD v Robinstown, Grange Kells, J Regan.

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 3B:

Chord Celtic 2nds v Ardee Celtic 2nds, Meadowview, B Murphy;

Kentstown 2nds v Glenmuir 2nds, Wayne Doyle;

OMP 2nds v Albion 2nds, St Mary’s Park, K Ennis;

Square 2nds v Carrick 2nds, N Scott.

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 4A:

Donacarney 3rds v Slane, S Kidd;

Newtown 2nds v Johnstown 2nds, J Crawley;

Torro 2nds v Kilmessan, A O’Hanlon.

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 4B:

Castle Villa v Trim Celt 3rds, D Ryan;

Electro Cel v Enfield Cel 2nds, D Gavagan;

Kells Cel 2nds v Bailieboro Cel 2nds, B Cruise;

Oldcastle 2nds v Athboy 2nds, Stephen Rooney;

Park Celtic Summerhill v Virginia 2nds, J Sheerin.


WEDNESDAY 23 JUNE, 8.0. unless stated.,

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 3B:

Parkvilla 2nds v Donacarney 2nds, Brendan Doyle.

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 4A:

Abbey Celtic 2nds v Termonfeckin 2nds, Mell, T Little;

Walshestown 2nds v Robinstown 2nds, P Burns.





Provisional fixtures.


THURSDAY 24 JUNE, 8.0. unless stated.

O’Neills Sports Div 1:

Quay Celtic v Square,

Termonfeckin v Kentstown,

Div 2:

Johnstown v Kingscourt, MDL,

Virginia v Kells Celtic,


FRIDAY 25 JUNE, 8.0 unless stated

40 Year Cup:

Kilmessan v Parkvilla, MDL,

O’Neill Shield:

Lourdes Celtic v Termonfeckin 2nds,

Premier Div:

Duleek v Bay FC,

OMP v Muirhevna Mor

Rock Celtic v Carrick Rovers,

Trim Celtic v Bellurgan,

O’Neills Sports Div 1:

Ardee Celtic v Donacarney Celtic,

Redeemer Cel v Albion Rovers,

Chord Celtic v Athboy Celtic, Drogheda DIFE Astro, 7.45,

Div 2:

Glenmuir v Trim Celtic 2nds,

Newtown v Torro,

Walshestown v Oldcastle,

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 3A:

BJD Celtic v Navan Town Cosmos, Castlerahan

Rossin v Enfield,

Sporting BJD v Abbey Celtic, Grange Kells,

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 4A:

Slane v Johnstown 2nds,


SATURDAY 26 JUNE, 3.0 unless stated

Div 2:

Drogheda Town v Bailieboro,

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 3A:

Fordrew v Bohermeen, 5.0,

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 3B:

Carrick 2nds v Ardee Cel 2nds,

Donacarney 2nds v Chord Cel 2nds,

Glenmuir 2nds v Albion 2nds,

Parkvilla 2nds v Kentstown 2nds,

Square 2nds v OMP 2nds,

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 4A:

Abbey Cel 2nds v Newtown 2nds,

Robinstown 2nds v Albion 3rds,

Torro 2nds v Walshestown 2nds,

Superior Racking & Shelving Div 4B:

Athboy Cel 2nds v Electro,

Bailieboro 2nds v Enfield 2nds,

Kells Cel 2nds v Castle Villa,

Trim Celtic 3rds v Virginia 2nds,

Oldcastle 2nds v Park Celtic Summerhill, 5.0,



Home team text results to Fixture’s Secretary Declan Jordan at 086 4070679, within one hour of match being completed. Fines will be imposed on non compliance.


In order to try and insure compliance with the normal season conclusion of 30 November. The following pre season declaration was made known to all participating Clubs ‘Along with fixture schedule on the following Friday/Saturday of each of the following earmarked three week period. In order to insure each team manages to catch up with three extra matches to allow for the late start. Fixtures will also be scheduled on Tuesday & Wednesday 29/30 June, 13/14 July, and 27/28 July’


Following a review it was felt impractical to have all matches allocated a Referee under present conditions. As a result the dates above will still stand for prem, div 1 & div 2 teams, with div 3 & 4 teams on alternative preceding weeks starting Tuesday/Wednesday 22/23 June.