* incorporating Meath & Dstrict League 1980—2014


           * Herein referred to as  ‘The NEFL or ‘The League’





For reference purposes the section letter of the rule should be quoted, plus the number referred to  e.g. number 3 under Match day requirements is known as G.3.  The Executive Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules, and on any bye laws and regulations made hereunder, and in the event of matters arising, not being adequately covered in the rules, reference shall be made to the rules of the LFA and the FAI for guidance, in which case THE LEAGUE shall make a decision which shall be binding on the members effected, subject to appeal to the Leinster Football Association, and thereafter to the Football Association of Ireland, and shall not under any circumstances be subject to appeal to any court of law.





  1. Membership of the league shall be open to teams accepted by the committee of the League, and thereafter affiliated to the Football Association of Ireland through the Leinster Football Association.


1 (i)  Associated membership in the form of usage of all League facilities (THE LEAGUE grounds, Williamstown, Trim Road, Navan)  is open to members of the public on acceptance of conditions of usage.

1 (ii) A condition of affiliation is that all Clubs will support any League Fundraiser


  1. 2. The NEFL is a non political, Sporting Association. Membership in whatever form is open to all individuals who meet the basic criteria required for same. There is no discrimination as to Status, Association (Personal or third party related), or background of prospective members. The League will endeavour to ensure that all Affiliated Clubs, Referee’s Associations, Officials, etc, acknowledge and accept the above mentioned policy on non discrimination, as well as agree to be bound by, and observe the rules, regulations, directives, and decisions of the League Allowance in the form of a reduced, or waiver of applicable fees maybe made under a special consideration for marginalized individuals or groups. Discretion on suchlike decisions is assured.


2 (i). The League shall seek to ensure that the benefits of playing Association Football are distributed equally across social classes and social gatherings.


  1. Affiliation fees are reviewed annually each season at the AGM


  1. With effect from 1999/2000 all premier clubs must have approved use of secured changing, shower and toilet facilities. All Div. 1 and Div. 2 clubs must have approved use of at least temporary changing facilities.

4 (1) All Match schedule in Premier Division must be secured by a fence surround, or a minimum of a temporary rope or other substance, with a minimum height of one Metre


  1. Each club must comply with FAI directive regarding Public liability Insurance cover.


  1. Application for admittance to the league must be made in writing to the Secretary not

later than a date to be announced at the AGM each year.


  1. 7. The North East Football League will not form a league for the purpose of underage football. This area will be the responsibility of the North Eastern Counties Schoolboy;s/Girls league, and other associated underage Leagues within the North East area such as Dundalk Schoolboy, Drogheda Schoolboy, & Cavan Schoolboy Leagues.


  1. Each club must put in place an official E-Mail Address to which correspondence shall be sent. Once declared. Clubs shall be responsible for accessing notifications from the League within a reasonable time frame, of which shall be no later that what would be expected if sent by ordinary post. For general regular updates such as Fixtures, Disciplinary updates, etc. Clubs are advised to register a minimum of three E mail addresses of Club Officials.




  1. The league shall be controlled by a committee, comprising of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, and other members to form an Executive Committee, the number to be decided at the AGM each year.

1.(i) No Member of the League Committee may represent their Club at a Disciplinary or Club Meeting, and will not be allowed partake in any disciplinary issues arising from matters concerning their Club

1.(ii) No Club shall have more than two members on the Executive Committee in any one Season


  1. The Executive Committee at their first meeting shall elect a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, representatives to FAI and LFA in accordance with the rules of each association, and various other appointments as deemed necessary.


  1. The committee shall remain in office for one season only, and all positions are reviewed at the AGM


  1. It is compulsory for all committee members to wear both league blazers and ties on all official occasions.


  1. The finances of the league shall be controlled by the committee, all monies received must be lodged in a bank of their choice. The account shall be operated by the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and one other committee member of their choice. Any outward transactions shall require a minimum of two signatures.


  1. The committee shall meet at least once every two weeks or more frequently if the need arises. The treasurer must keep a proper cash and receipt book, and if necessary shall be allowed a sum for petty cash.


  1. Financial updates, with full receipts and payments, must be available, when required by the executive committee.


  1. The league Secretary shall be allowed such sums as maybe considered necessary to meet his expenses during the season. He must keep a proper record of all receipts and payments.


  1. The committee at its first meeting each year shall elect members to represent the league on the following : LFA Senior Council, LFA Junior committee, and FAI junior committee in accordance with the rules of those bodies.


  1. All decisions of the Executive committee of the NEFL concerning:

(a)        Putting forward a motion for debate at the AGM

(b)       Any dealings with real property

(c)        Purchase of personal property to the value of €10,000 or more, requires ratification by a resolution carried by at least a majority of the executive committee voting.



* All Real estate in name of Meath & District League


  1. The MDL shall have power to acquire and hold, and to sell, lease,.mortgage, or charge real and personal property. Real property shall not be transferred, sold, leased, conveyed, mortgaged, or otherwise dealt with, without the consent of the Executive of the MDL.


  1. The real property of the MDL shall be vested in three members as Trustees who shall hold same in accordance with the constitution and rules thereof, and subject to the covenants, and conditions contained in the approved declaration of trust, and who shall sell, lease, mortgage, or charge the said property when directed to do so, with the consent of the Executive Committee.


  1. Each Trustee shall be elected at a meeting of the Executive committee and shall hold office for life, or until he resigns, or is removed from office by a resolution carried by at least two thirds of the Executive Committee.


  1. Whenever the number of trustees shall fall below three, the resulting vacancy shall be filled as soon as possible. Pending the filling of such vacancy, the remaining trustees shall have vested in them the powers and duties applicable to the full body of trustees.


  1. All proceedings by the League shall be taken in the name of the trustees. The trustees and each of them shall be indemnified by the League members against all liability and expense incurred by them in so far as the assets of the THE LEAGUE shall be deficient, and such indemnity shall be a condition of membership of the THE LEAGUE.


  1. Five days notice in writing must be given for any meeting of the trustees.


  1. In case the trustees shall not be unanimous upon any matter arising out of or about the trusts, the decision of the majority shall bind the dissenting minority, and the acts of the majority in the execution of the powers, and trusts, hereby given to and reposed in the trustees shall be as valid as if they acted such matters unanimously.


  1. Any financial transaction, that would make the THE LEAGUE liabilities greater than its assets, must also receive the prior approval of the Trustees


  1. The proposals (See full proposal at end of rules) to streamline and safeguard the Assets of the THE LEAGUE so as no member can have any claim in the event of any future sell off, or winding up of assets




  1. The personal property of the league shall be vested in the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Committee member of the Ex Executive’s choice. The said trustees shall invest the funds of the THE LEAGUE in accordance with the directions of the Executive committee, of which an entry in the minutes book of the THE LEAGUE shall be conclusive evidence.


  1. The LEAGUE shall indemnify and save harmless a trustee of personal property in respect of any loss or out of pocket expenses bona fide incurred by him in or about the execution of his trust or powers.





  1. Nominations for Executive Committee must be sent in writing to the Secretary at least two weeks prior to the AGM.


2   Nominations be accepted from the floor if committee is not filled. The Committee may at their discretion appoint personnel for any position that they so desire.


  1. Each club is entitled to have two representatives present, but will only be entitled to one vote on any issues raised that require voting on.


  1. Clubs putting forward motions/or nominations who are not represented at the AGM, such motions/nominations will not be considered. Clubs suspended from the League during the course of a season will not have voting rights at an AGM or an EGM.New Clubs, representatives from the referee’s society, special guests, and members of the media shall be admitted, but will not be entitled to vote.


  1. The date and venue of the AGM must be announced six weeks in advance.


  1. An Agenda must be drawn up for the AGM, and all items dealt with in sequence. Prior to the closing of the meeting provision must be made for open discussion under any other business.


  1. Each member of the THE LEAGUE committee shall have a vote at the AGM and at other club management meetings.


  1. Motions for the agenda must be submitted to the secretary in writing at least one week before the date of the AGM





1 The registration form in respect of a player signed before, and during the season, must be received by the Registrar not later than two calendar  days before the date of fixture that the player intends to participate in. Clubs may submit a digital version of a Registration and Transfer form to the Registrar; this digital version must be received by the Registrar no later than two days before the date of a fixture that the player intends to participate in. ‘The same time frame of two days receipt applies to forms sent by hard copy through the postal system. Clubs using the digital option must insure the forms are properly scanned to a PDF file or suchlike format, and submitted within an attached file, and will only be accepted if perfectly legible. The fee for each registration is 5 Euros

1 (i) The two transfer periods for the Amateur game shall be 1st June to 30th September inclusive, and the 1st December to the 31st of January inclusive. However, an Amateur Player may be signed on a Professional Contract for the Professional Game during the Professional Registration Periods

1 (ii) If a player’s registration/contract expires naturally at the end of his current season (i.e 31st May Winter Season/ 30th November Summer Season) a Transfer Form is not required for the player to register with another club in another League. Players registered with clubs whose fixtures extend beyond the above dates are committed to these clubs until those fixtures are completed


  1. At the end of each season, each club shall be supplied with a list of their previous season’s registrations in alphabetical order, with a provision for re-signing on the supplied form for players that they wish to re-register. A closing date shall be announced at the AGM as to when the forms must be returned. On the declared closing date, all players not re-registered will be automatically deleted, thus leaving them free to sign with any club. Thereafter all registrations must be submitted in the normal manner as per rule 1 E.
  2. (i) A player may only be registered for one club at a time. No club may sign more than three players on Amateur forms from the same club during the latter club’s current season except with the written consent of the Secretary of the club from which the players are being signed


  1. It is the responsibility of each club to insure that his players’ registration forms have been received by the Registrar.


  1. A Committee representative of any club may have access to the register of opponents within two days following the game in question, at a place agreed upon at the opening of the League. Such requests must be made known by E Mail in advance.


  1. Any player who has played at National League (professional) level must be re graded before his registration can be accepted, in accordance with FAI rules


  1. There is no fee involved for re-grading


  1. Any player registered in the THE LEAGUE may also be registered with the same club in another League under FAI jurisdiction.

                     ** Player Transfers **

  1. Transfers must be forwarded by post, or by E Mail properly scanned to a PDF file or suchlike format  to the Registrar on official forms. If coming from a Club outside of the NEFL. players in question must also be registered by their new club. Should the transaction be between two NEFL Clubs submitting a new Registration is not necessary, as Player original ID form would be aligned to his new Club, the clubs involved will be informed as to when effected players will be eligible to play for their new clubs. The fee for the total transaction is €20.00 per player.


  1. (i) No player either Amateur or Professional shall play for two Clubs during the current season without first obtaining a transfer from his original Club and League with the exception specified under FAI Rule 34.4. Original shall mean the Club which the player has signed a form and first registered with a League during any one season. Players shall complete an FAI approved transfer form. The Transfer Form must be signed/stamped in the following order: a) by the player, b) by the Secretary of the Club the player is leaving, c) by the Secretary of the club the player is going to, d) by the Registrar/Secretary of the League the player is leaving together with the appropriate fee, if any, e) finally the transfer form and the new registration form shall then be presented to the League the player is going to for processing. The League from which the player is leaving is obliged to furnish in writing, if requested in writing, full details of the player’s disciplinary record for that season. Disciplinary sanctions imposed on a player prior to transfer must be applied by the League to which the player transfers.


  1. The registration period for the Amateur game, other than the SFAI, shall be 1st June to the 31st of March inclusive for the winter season and 1st of December to the 30th of September inclusive for the Summer Season


  1. The maximum amount of first team players that maybe selected by a reserve team at any given time is Three. Players whose last match was with a first team are classed as first team players (not necessarily the team’s last match). An appearance on the field of play as a substitution would constitute status for that team, while a listed substitute, who does not take part during the course of the match, does not constitute being graded at the level in question.


11 (IAny club with three or more teams, and whose players  have made 8 first team appearances shall only be selected to the next graded team e.g any player who has made 8 first team appearances (See Rule 12 as 8 or more first team appearances for a first team restricts selection thereafter) and last game was with a first team must drop to the club’s second team before dropping to the thirds, .same criteria will apply to clubs with more than 3 teams’.  Any club who has more than two teams  shall only select to the next graded team eg a first team player may only drop to the clubs second team before the same player can play for the clubs thirds, etc. Therefore any clubs team player whose last game was with their first team  who has been injured or absent, must return to the clubs second team before the player in question can be considered for selection on a third team. The same criteria shall apply in the event of a Club having more than three teams.


  1. Any player who has played in eight first team league matches in one season cannot (unless through a successful re-grading application) be selected for any reserve side for the rest of the season.




  1. In cases where matches are not played due to the fault of the home team, the away team maybe compensated for their travelling expenses by the home team, or the league out of a possible fine imposed on the offending team.


  1. Any club playing an unregistered or ineligible player may lose the points, regardless of the result, and they are also liable to be fined or suspended. The league are liable to intervene on their own initiative, with or without a protest being received. In the event where a team are found guilty of playing an ineligible player not only do they lose the points for the match in question but they may also be deducted a further 6 points. In the case of a discovery made by the THE LEAGUE within two weeks of a match being played of an ineligible player being used. The minimum sanction imposed shall be a deduction of three points plus a fine, or in the case of a knock out competition. removal from same.


In the event a player is caught playing in a match for a team other than his own, he maybe given a 3 match ban. His true identity is to be given by the club who have illegally played him in the match.


  1. A delegate from the THE LEAGUE Executive Committee has the right at the interval or immediately after a match to request a signature/signatures of player/players, that maybe deemed necessary for the purpose of declaring that the selected players are in order. Signatures not corresponding with the official register earlier received by the League Registrar, shall warrant an investigation at which time the Committee shall reserve the right to enforce rule F 2.


  1. In the case of a club missing more than one club management meeting, the standard fine for missing one meeting of fifty euros, shall be doubled.


  1. Protests must be forwarded to the Secretary of the League, and a copy of same to the club concerned by any system of post that incorporates handover to An Post and delivery to the addressee by An Post, under signature at each end. within Seven days, after the alleged incident occurred. A protest period of a further two days shall be allowed to the club protested against to lodge a cross protest. In no circumstances will a club be allowed to withdraw a protest. Each protest must be accompanied with a fee of €30. The fee shall be refunded if the protest is successful. Where a team is found to be playing unregistered player/s, the opposing team, in that match, is automatically awarded points and or game.


  1. If directed by the NEFL. All fines must be paid within seven days of notification. –‘If a suspension is combined with a fine, the suspension may be prolonged until the fine has been paid in full’


  1. Club officials and players dissatisfied with the decision of the League have the right of appeal to the LFA, and further right of appeal thereafter to the FAI in accordance with the rules of these bodies.


8  Automatic match suspensions shall be in line with a FIFA directive which states that players sent off must miss their next match in the same competition. ‘ within the same season.’In the event of the offending player participating for a losing team in a knock out competition’ The suspension to be imposed as the next competitive match. The minimum fine for each sending off is twenty euros. Disciplinary meetings will take place each Tuesday evening during the season starting at 8.0 at a venue announced prior to the start of the season. It is optional for offenders or their Club representatives to be represented.


As a general rule, except where mid week fixtures are concerned, each weekend offences will be heard on the following Monday or Tuesday week. (The clubs in question will be notified by E-mail or post of any further suspensions imposed in the form of a block E Mail sent not later than Wednesday of each week to all registered Club E mail addresses. In such cases such additional suspensions will be for a period of time. Any decision made at an THE LEAGUE Disciplinary meeting that may result in a player being suspended for 4 weeks or more (on top of an automatic one-match ban), be adopted as a PROPOSAL ONLY for a 7-day period. The offending player’s club ‘be given the option to attend the next disciplinary meeting for a personal review (not having availed of the opportunity to attend at the original hearing) providing such a request is made by the Secretary by E mail with a minimum of three days notice, after which the original decision stands (subject to an appeal to the LFA).  The player stands suspended pending the final outcome. The player/club can waive the right to attend this meeting and accept the proposed suspension.


  1. 9. Any player reported for receiving four yellow cards be fined ten euros along with a one Match suspension, which will  be the first competitive one following issue of notice (such scheduled Match shall be determined by the NEFL Committee). Should the same player receive a further four yellow cards in the same season the fine and suspension will be doubled. Any player who receives in excess of  twelve cautions in any one season will receive a three match suspension, and a fine of thirty euros, and thereafter a similar suspension, and fine for every four cautions. – Where a player is reported as having received a fourth yellow card  that is likely to impact on a suspension for a Cup/Shield final or league play off. The suspension will be postponed until after the final. (only applies if the total accumulating of yellow cards is four)  


  1. If a club’s first team fails to fulfil two fixtures the club in total shall be suspended from the League.


  1. Any club failing to turn up for a match is liable for full referee’s fees and expenses. The Committee shall investigate such cases and give a ruling accordingly.


  1. Any team losing the points through failing to fulfil a fixture, may also have three points deducted automatically. A fine of €100 may also be imposed.

12(i). Any team failing to fulfil a scheduled fixture for a second time in the normal fashion, in the one season shall be automatically suspended for the rest of the season.

12(ii). If a club disbands during the Season the player registrations shall come under the direction of the THE LEAGUE. The players may be allowed, at the discretion of the League, to register with other clubs within the THE LEAGUE. The deadline for such registrations shall be the 31st January.

12(iii). If a team withdraws  from the league and then reapplies to join the league they should be placed in the division lower than they were previously in.


  1. If a pitch be declared unplayable, for a fixture, by the appointed referee, The Committee shall have the power to reverse the venue for the re fixture, if they feel that the home team were negligent in their duties, in allowing the away team to travel.


  1. Similar to rule F3. An identified club official shall have the right to request signature / signatures of opponents up to a maximum of three which must be submitted on an official pre-paid form which shall be issued by the registrar. The cost for this form shall be €5.00. Should a successful protest arise out of the findings, the protesting club shall be refunded the costs involved.


  1. Where a Referee’s report is not received by the League within fourteen days of a match being played, The information contained therein (other than the match result, or an assault on a referee ) should not be considered by the disciplinary committee.


  1. All fixtures appearing in the nominated source to stand, subject to sanction or alteration by the Fixture’s Secretary.


  1. 17. Clubs are responsible for the behavior of their members and supporters before, during and after matches. Appropriate sanctions will be imposed on offenders which may be in the form of a points deduction or removal from a knock-out competition. ‘


  1. Teams who are removed or withdraw from league completely have a financial
    bond placed on them following season, Double entry fee, returned if they
    complete programme, Lost if they don’t, and be limited to just one team in following season.


  1. 19. Teams that do not fulfil all their fixtures may if re applying to the league in the next season be penalised by starting the next season with a six point deduction.


  1. If and when a team drops out of the league mid season, full points should be awarded to all teams in that division. By definition, for full points to be awarded the total amount of matches played by all teams must be equal to, or less than half of the full season schedule in division competing, otherwise results in matches played shall stand.


21 In order to assist the THE LEAGUE Committee in making random spot checks on player eligibility. Each Club must nominate one responsible official who, if called upon would make themselves available to apply a spot check if requested to do so. No designated official would be called upon more than once in any given season to carry out the task on behalf of the THE LEAGUE




  1. All pitches must be marked and presented an accordance with the laws of the game.


  1. All teams must be properly kitted out


  1. All teams are encouraged to have an approved first aid kit available on match day.


  1. Any team not fielding a full compliment of players on more than two occasions maybe suspended for the rest of the season.


  1. The home team is responsible for telephoning results to the fixture’s Secretary immediately after matches. A fine of ten euros shall be imposed for each case of non compliance on this matter.


  1. The Manager or other responsible official of the club shall prior to the commencement of any match fill in on the referees card in block capital letters the full first names and surnames of participating players including substitutes placing the respective name on the card opposite to the number of the jersey which the particular player is wearing


  1. – Declaring Pitches unplayable :


  • Unless in extreme circumstances. No declaration be made outside of twenty four hours prior to schedule kick off.
  • If in the opinion of a club official that a pitch might not be playable. Contact  NEFL  Fixture’s Secretary. If unavailable in person, leave a message. At which point opposing team and Referee should not be contacted until the fixture’s Secretary acknowledges the message.  If the declaration is made close to kick off as a result of a down pour or such like, and the fixtures Secretary cannot be directly contacted,  after making all possible efforts, then and only then would it be okay to contact opponents without being authorized. 


The fixtures Secretary on receipt of a message shall make a decision on what he sees is in the best interest of all concerned, such as


    1. Declaring the match off, at which point, A responsibility might be given to the Club in question to contact their opponents
    2. Request a further inspection closer to the kick off time.
    3. Direct to allow the match go ahead and let the Referee decide if it is okay to proceed.


If a Club is requested to adhere to C and declare for whatever reason they are not in a position to do so, depending on circumstances the Fixtures Secretary shall have at his discretion  to offer in the first instance  to source an alternative venue, and failing that to concede home advantage to the scheduled opponents at the time, if established they are in a position to host the fixture.                                                                                                 




  1. Cup and Shield competitions are open to all teams competing in the League, entry is automatic when affiliation is approved at the start of the season. Any team not wishing to compete in any cup or shield competition must give at least three weeks notice of intent.


  1. No player can play for two teams in the same cup or shield competition.


  1. In the event of a draw after ninety minutes in all knock out competitions. Ten minutes each way extra time shall be played, and if still deadlocked, the penalty rule will be used to decide the result. In cases where the extra time and penalties shall not apply, the competing teams, and the referee concerned shall be informed by the League..


  1. The home team are liable to keep all gate receipts in the event of this facility being used, where gate receipts apply at neutral venues, they shall be split three ways after expenses (including use of pitch and facilities) between the League and the two opposing teams.


  1. All Cup Games shall be run as same as L.F.A & F.A.I Cup Competitions eg. If Pitch unplayable, Match is reversed automatically. Save for exceptional circumstances such as a bereavement, or a direct blanket call off made by the THE LEAGUE (aside of synthetic surfaces)


6.. Reserve Leagues shall be decided on a points basis only


  1. 7. All Football involving Reserve teams should be scheduled on a Saturday. An

alternative switch will be allowed providing the effected team and their opponents reach prior agreement. In such instances such an arrangement must be made known to the fixtures Secretary   no later than Sunday evening at 5pm. The provisional fixture list for each following week’s matches will be made known by E-Mail each Friday thus allowing  adequate time for Clubs with fixture problems to communicate with each other.


  1. After taking into consideration declared promotion and relegation issues, and/or rule changes such as geographical divides, etc. The Committee will grade all teams accordingly taking into account all circumstances that may arise.


In so far as deemed practical  the number of teams in each division will be kept to the same number, and in so far as possible be a minimum of ten teams  


9-  In a situation where two teams have completed one league fixture against each other. The Fixture’s Secretary shall have discretion to reverse the venue for a League fixture in the event of two attempts  having failed due to a pitch being declared unplayable. In circumstances where fixtures are  called off because of severe weather conditions (save for fixture schedule on astro pitches) such a situation would not be considered as one missed opportunity to play the fixture.   


9 (i). In the event of a club declaring their pitch unplayable, and not having played their opponents away, along with either communicating directly with them, and/or through the assistance of the fixtures secretary all efforts should be made to reverse the fixture if the opponents ground is deemed playable, provided the distance involved is within a round trip of 70km and the reverse kick off time is within one hour of the original time scheduled, the fixtures secretary would have the authority to declare the rearranged fixture as official.

A refusal to co-operate by either team may result in a loss of points.

In the event of the round trip being over 70km, and/or the new proposed kick off time being more than one hour as and from the original schedule, the re-schedule must receive the prior consent of both teams involved.


(I)         GENERAL


  1. Three points shall be awarded for a win, one point for a draw. In the event of any teams being equal on points at the top of a division. The League shall order a deciding Match to be played. ‘Head to Head results, and if level goal difference to apply for ties in all other positions Top two teams in all divisions automatically promoted, and bottom two teams automatically relegated, with third from bottom of higher division playing off with third from top of division below them in a Promotion / Relegation game Third placed play offs,  applies to Sunday Top Two Divisions only, Committee to have discretionary use where outside normal circumstances prevail. Saturday Reserve Divisions shall be where practical two up, two down.              


  1. Teams wishing to be excluded from playing on certain dates, must give at least two weeks notice of intent. Such request must be made via E Mail directly to the Fixture’s Secretary Prior to a decision being made on such issues, the main items of consideration shall be the amount of times that the effected team has sought such a request, and their position in the division with regard to matches played in relation to other teams.


  1. In the event of two teams having similar colours, the home team must change, unless the away team appears in a kit other than listed in the official handbook, and the alteration not having being made known to their opponents, with at least three days notice, in such cases the away team shall be responsible for the change. As a general directive each competing team is advised to always have a colour change readily available on match day.


  1. The normal Sunday kick off times are 11.15 and 2.30 which the home team has preference. Teams with  floodlighting facilities have the option of declaring their home fixtures for Thursday or Friday evening, kick-off no earlier than 7.30 and no later than 8pm. Saturday times for League fixtures are 2.30, 3pm, and 5pm to be declared prior to the start of the season, and depending on circumstances can be changed at any given time provided a minimum of two weeks’ notice to change to an acceptable day, and kick off time is submitted by e-mail to the Fixtures Secretary.


Inside the fourteen day advanced period  other kick off times maybe acceptable,  where at least seven days’ notice is given to the Fixture’s Secretary. (prior to full listing being submitted on Sunday evenings)  

Where a full senior International match falls on the date of any fixtures, all fixtures on that date will default to the following Sunday at 11.15 (except Reserve League schedule)  unless there is a prior agreement between both competing sides.

If within closer proximity of the time frames featured above  All other proposed change of days and kick off times inside the notice period as featured above must receive the prior agreement of both competing teams, such as teams with occasional use of pitches with floodlighting facilities.

Teams that are behind in fixtures may be requested (at Fixture Secretary’s discretion) to play extra matches mid-week in order to catch up. Where agreement between proposed teams cannot be attained Wednesday evening will be the default catch up evening. A team behind in fixtures is defined by being more than one game less than the team with the most played in the division.


  1. Referees fees are fixed by the FAI Referees Committee. Each Club shall pay an equal part on the day, and as it is the responsibility of each club to insure the officials are paid promptly, It is advisable to pay such amounts before the match commences.


  1. In the event of the appointed Referee not turning up, and the two clubs agreeing to one present on the ground, such an appointment shall be considered official, provided both teams agree in writing given to the official prior to the start of the game.


  1. A panel of up to eighteen players may be named on the Referees card prior to the start of a match, of which a maximum of five substitutes maybe used. Under no circumstances, will changes, or additions of personnel be allowed on the Referees card once the game commences, even if less than eighteen players were originally declared.


  1. Any Club wishing to organise a Summer Tournament must affiliate the competition through the Leinster Football Association in accordance with their rules.


  1. Every team shall be facilitated in accordance with course provision through the FAI, various county Sports Partnership groups, etc to try and increase the number of members to qualify with a certificate in basic first aid.


  1. All perpetual awards must be returned by January 31st each season in a presentable condition. Offending clubs, either through late return, or awards being returned damaged, shall be fined and also liable for repair costs in the case of damages.


  1. No new club be allowed to join THE LEAGUE, if they are within a four mile radius of an existing long established club, without consulting the club(s) to see if they have any objections.


  1. 12. The number of teams being relegated be the same for each division. Except where the THE LEAGUE Committee declare otherwise for a specific Division/Divisions. Such declarations must me made prior to the start of a season


  1. A condition of membership shall be that all rules are taken as understood and accepted. Any club dissatisfied with THE LEAGUE ruling on any matter have the right of appeal to The Leinster Football Association, and thereafter The Football Association in accordance with their rules governing appeals


  1. Any Club failing to return cup/shields as requested by the THE LEAGUE, and by the date set by THE LEAGUE should be fined €250, and given one week to return the requested items. On failing to meet the second deadline such clubs to stand automatically suspended from all League and cup competitions, until items are returned to THE LEAGUE




Income and Property: The income and property of THE LEAGUE shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its main objects(s) as set forth in the Rules of THE LEAGUE.  No portion of THE LEAGUE’s income and property shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit, to the members of THE LEAGUE.  No Officer shall be appointed to any office of the Association paid by salary or fees, or receive any remuneration or other benefit in money or money’s worth from THE LEAGUE.  However, nothing shall prevent any payment in good faith by the association of:

  1. a) Reasonable and proper remuneration to any member of the association (not being an Officer) for any services rendered to THE LEAGUE;
  2. b) Interest at a rate not exceeding 5% per annum on money lent by Officers or other members of the Association to THE LEAGUE;
  3. c) Reasonable and proper rent for premises demised and let by any member of the association (including any Officer) to THE LEAGUE;
  4. d) Reasonable and proper out-of-pocket expenses incurred by any Officer in connection with their attendance to any matter affecting THE LEAGUE;


Winding Up:

If upon the winding up or dissolution of THE LEAGUE, there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, it shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of THE LEAGUE. Instead, such property shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having main objects similar to the main objects of THE LEAGUE.  The institution or institutions to which the property is to be given or transferred shall prohibit the distribution of its or their income and property among its or their members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on THE LEAGUE under or by virtue of Rule (above) hereof.  Members of THE LEAGUE shall select the relevant institution or institutions at or before the time of dissolution, and if and so far as effect cannot be given to such provisions, then the property shall be given or transferred to some charitable object.


Additions, alterations or amendments: No addition, alteration or amendment shall be made to or in the provisions of these Rules for the time being in force unless the same shall have been previously approved in writing by the Revenue Commissioners.



The Hon. Treasurer shall take charge of the Funds for and on behalf of the THE LEAGUE and keep regular accounts of it. He shall submit statements of receipts and disbursements to the Finance Committee, the Council and  for Annual Final Accounts. The funds of the THE LEAGUE shall be lodged in such financial institutions as may be approved by the Executive Committee. All payments must be made by cheque, which must be signed by any two of the three nominated persons, i.e. the President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and General Secretary/Administrator. The statement of accounts and balance sheet of the Association shall be made available to each member within two weeks of completion. The Executive Committee may order intermediate audits at any time. Annual audited accounts shall be kept and made available to the Revenue Commissioners on request




*          Alterations and additions to these rules may be made at any AGM, or at a special general meeting called for the purpose, providing that the resolution proposing same is carried by a vote of two thirds of the members present and voting.