Format for Transition Season 2018

Format for Transition Season 2018


There was an initial reaction indicating an EGM would be required ASAP to consider necessary rule changes to reflect the decision for a change in the playing season. On reflection this will not be necessary as all existing rules will be applicable for the upcoming transitional lead in season (details below), and thereafter the scheduling of the 2019 AGM will likely be in January rather than the traditional May to allow for all necessary rule changes to be brought in prior to the start of the initial calendar year season

* Structure

On the assumption the entry level will be close to the number of teams that finished the 2017-2018 season. (The closing date for receipt of Club & team applications is 30 June. The formation for the new season (transition) will take place at a Committee Meeting on Tuesday 03 July). The season to consist of eight League divisions as before with the positioning of teams determined by where last season’s finishing placing would have entitled teams to be graded accordingly, plus (depending on circumstances) consideration for any requests to have a grading altered.

* Schedule

The date earmarked for kick off is week ending 12 August with provision being made for one to two rounds of mid week fixtures (14, 15, and 21, 22). Reserve divisions to start one week later The entire fixture schedule will be on a one tie basis. E.G. where a division has an even amount of teams at say 10 in number, five teams will have five home, and four away, with the other five having four home, and five away. Where the amount of teams are uneven. All teams will have an equal share of home and away fixtures.

* Format

Teams finishing on top of each division following the concluding of fixture schedule will be declared champions, and such a declaration will be listed in the roll of honour as normal. Promotion/Relegation shall be decided on a one up/one down basis with the exception of the movement between premier and division one where one team will be relegated (bottom), and two teams promoted from division one (top two). Existing rules to determine final positions in the event of two or more teams level on points.

Four knock out competitions shall be played Tully Bookmaker Challenge Cup & Kilmessan Shield for first teams. Reserve & Reilly Cups for second teams. Premier & Div 1 teams shall receive a bye to the second round of the Tully Cup where Prem Div teams shall be seeded in the draw at that stage. The Kilmessan Shield shall be contested with all losing teams in the first two rounds of the Tully Cup. As none of the Reserve teams are eligible to participate in any provincial, or national competitions, all rounds of the Reserve Cup shall be an open draw with the losing teams in the first two rounds contesting the Reilly Cup.

* Player Registrations

It is hoped to be totally compliant with the obligatory FAI.Net system in time for the start of the 2019 calendar season. In the meantime as was the format for previous seasons, and will be applied for the transition season (12 Aug start). i.e a block list of players from last Season will be issued to each individual Club to conveniently allow whoever is required to resign, and thus pledge their player Registration to specific Clubs for the transition season. Single registration form will also be issued which maybe used to sign players not on list, and after the block list is submitted the only method of registration shall be through the single form in which all required details must be filled in. (also applies to players that were on block list but had not resigned prior to the form having being submitted to the NEFL)

* Fees

FIRST TEAM: Pro rata (50%) €215.00 includes LFA affiliation of €35

SECOND TEAM: Pro rata (50%) €165.00 includes LFA affiliation of €35

THIRD TEAM: Pro rata (50%) €165.00 includes LFA affiliation of €35

PLAYER REGISTRATION: €5 * Must be individually signed on official forms.

For the present the player registration fee is the same as normal, but an allowance will be made for an overall balanced fee taking into account the follow on renewal of registrations in time for the calendar season which will include a two Euro fee per player to be registered through FAI.Net

All application forms and appropriate fees must be returned by 30th June 2018.

A minimum of 50% of the appropriate team affiliation must be paid by this date. Clubs with outstanding debts of 250 Euros or more must pay the affiliation fees in full, and provide a satisfactory proposal to pay off any outstanding amounts

Kind Regards

Gerry Gorman


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